Helensvale Play and Learn Centre includes infants from 6wks – 3yrs and a Kindergarten program for our 4yr-5yr olds.

“Our programs are play based aimed with knowledge that children learn best when provided with opportunities and environments to freely engage with the world around them in pursuit of their own interests and curiosities.  The classroom environments are full of innovative and original activities that allow children time and space to explore and learn.  Early Childhood Services are a platform in which children can practice the skills required for their futures such as friendships, exploring and understanding emotions and ultimately discovering their own footprint within the broader community.”

— Amy Wood, Helensvale Service Director


What Parents are Saying…

“Our daughter has attended Play & Learn Helensvale since it first opened in 2018. She has moved through a few different classrooms and this has enabled us to get to know many of the educators and the different learning spaces – all of which are fabulous.

She is now in Kindergarten and I truly believe that Play & Learn has attributed to her growth in confidence, her ability to positively interact with peers and adults alike, her willingness to try new things and, ultimately, made her “school ready”. The focus on learning through play and exploration is important to us and is something our girl has absolutely loved.

The caliber of staff at the centre is exceptional. Everybody is welcoming, warm and attentive. As parents, we are so appreciative of the special care and genuine interest shown towards our child. Plus the communication we receive from Amy (the Centre Director) and the educators is great.

Our daughter has thrived at Play & Learn and we are sure that our son (who commences his kindy days soon) will, too!”

— C Watherston


“My daughter has been with Helensvale Play and Learn for almost 2 years, from 8-10 weeks of age, the staff have been nothing but amazing. My daughter is thriving in the environment that they have created and loves going each day. The outdoor play area has so much for the kids to do and it’s fun to watch the little ones playing in the water and sprinklers during summer. I have had two older children at different daycares including family daycare over the years and Play and Learn trumps them all. Through COVID, the staff were so very supportive and understanding of everyone’s different situations. They have become like family and I am looking forward to my son starting as I know it is the best place for a child to learn and grow. I highly recommend Helensvale Play and Learn.

I could have gone on and on, but I thought I had better stop.

You and your team are amazing, Dakota loves it and loves you all.”

— Leisa St Claire


“Play & Learn Helensvale is an amazing child care centre. My daughter has attended the centre for the last 2 years after moving from another centre.

The educators are compassionate, caring and truly want the best for each and every child in their care.

I feel comfortable leaving my child in their care knowing that she’s safe and having fun whilst learning. The learning resources in each room are fantastic too.

The water play area used during the warmer months is amazing too – such a great asset. The children love it!

Lastly, Amy the centre director, is wonderful. She’s accommodating, helpful, and really thoughtful. She definitely goes above & beyond. I’m very grateful to have come across this centre. We will miss everyone so much when my daughter goes to school next year.

Thank you for everything.”

— Dannii Cecchin


“Firstly, what’s not to love about everything you visually see walking into the centre. It’s beautiful, the rooms are huge and the outside area is clean and full of fun adventures for the little one.

Then you have Amy and her team, which are by far the best, most warmest and importantly genuine team I’ve come across on the coast by far. It’s hard to name staff specially because all of them are simply amazing, which is rare to have an entire Centre full of amazing carers to look after you precious little people.

I’ve even found that when I’ve done drop off and seen new families walking out with the folder that I told them they won’t find a better place.

All I can say is look no further as this is the place for you😄.”

— Kylie Walker-Chamon


“When we originally selected Play and Learn Helensvale for our daughter it was based on the modern, new and clean facilities provided for the children. The friendly smiles from strangers to us was reassuring, but how could I trust these strangers with my most precious possession.

Indie has been attending the centre for over a year and a half now. All the educators at the centre are way more than teachers to Indie, they are her best friends. The ladies make drop offs as easy and tear free as possible for both Indie and I.

Indie is very loved and cared for there, and we are beyond blessed to have found the most beautiful and caring women to help shape our daughters very bright future. We will be forever grateful.”

— Christie Flexman


“My two little ones have been going to Play and Learn Helensvale for almost 1.5yrs and we couldn’t be happier.

The staff are warm, engaging and have always been so genuine with their interactions between my children and myself.

I have used one Kindy prior to this one and the neat facilities and cleanliness here at this centre are outstanding and do not compare!

Highly recommend!!!”

— JW

Our Team

Julie Watts
Operations Manager
Amy Wood
Service Director


Infants (6 weeks – 18 months)

Our Helensvale Infants room is licensed for 12 infants with 2 permanently employed educators.

Experience with infants over the years has taught us that sometimes babies are not predictable and a third educator may be employed to assist with the room.

Several factors will be considered in determining when three educators will work in this group they include;

  • How many bookings there is on each day – no point having three educators with one baby.
  • If a new infant is to start at the service – extra help is often needed while settling and bonding with children.
  • The ages within the group.
  • The individual needs of each infant.


Our main focus in the room is forming secure attachments with your baby. Secure attachments and trust develop when we respond consistently, sensitively and confidently. Our attachment however will not affect your babies’ attachment to you – it helps them be close to people.

Current research very clearly tells us that babies who experience any care that is unresponsive, unpredictable or threatening may develop problems developing trust and attachment, this often affects a child’s overall development.

What we will do to establish Infant connections

  • Connect with parents so you feel relaxed and confident in using the service.
  • Smile at your baby – so simple but so powerful
  • Cuddle
  • Sing
  • Baby massage or bath
  • Read Stories
  • Have tummy time and encourage your child to reach their infant milestones.
Toddlers (15 months – 2.5 years)

Helensvale Toddler room is licensed for 15 children with 3 permanently employed educators.

Settling children is again our main focus in this age grouping as now children are very aware when their primary caregivers have left.

Anxious and stressed children find it difficult to learn anything so bonding and establishing relationships with your child is vitally important.


Our Toddlers have many opportunities to join in fun and educational experiences throughout the day. Informing us about what your Toddler loves to do helps us to plan for the transition from home to the centre.

Toddlers are developmentally egocentric. So helping Toddlers understand that there are other children in the group who may want to play with the same trucks is really tricky!! In helping this we deliberately set up our environments with multiple equipment that is the same or similar. Having one off pieces of equipment sets children up for challenges. However not everything can be avoided and nor should it, our educators are skilled in helping Toddlers learn life’s social skills.

Similarly, your child’s sensory motor development is vitally important. The Toddlers years see rapid growth in your child’s sensory motor systems and it is these systems that provide your child with the foundations for academic learning.

To continue developing the sensory motor systems we will

  • Crawl / Spin / Creep / Climb / Jump
  • Dance
  • Explore messy play – please supply old clothes
  • Skip / hop / throw / catch
  • Sing / play music
Junior Kindy & Kindy (2 years – 4 years)

Helensvale Kindy rooms cater for children 2-4 yrs, we have three Kindy rooms.

Our two Junior Kindy rooms are each licensed for 15 children aged approx. 2.5 yrs – 3 yrs with 3 permanently employed educators per room and one Senior Kindy room which is licensed for 22 children aged approx. 3 yrs – 4 yrs with 2 permanently employed staff.

The service will be flexible with age groupings to meet the needs of our children our families and the community.

Remaining flexible with age grouping allows for children of the same family to be together or children who are friends to remain together while settling.


Within this age group our educators are planning activities that develop the integrations of two brain hemispheres, fine hand co-ordination, sense of direction, awareness of time and many other really important areas of development.

So often we hear parents say “When will they learn their colours, their numbers and letters” and although this is somewhat important they ARE NOT the markers for a child’s ongoing success and later learning. What I mean is a child may be able to recite the alphabet but unable to sit for a story or problem solve with peers.

Our service looks at children holistically across many areas of development some that cannot be seen nor measured nor sent home on a piece of paper but please note we are always thinking planning and evaluating all that we do.

In our Kindy groups we will be

  • Running
  • Playing ball
  • Drawing
  • Painting and some days it will be messy.
  • Water play
  • Listening to story / music
  • Playdough and clay
  • Climbing…….parents look away if you have to….! But small risky play is vital and if we deny children of risk taking in Early Childhood they will take greater risks as adolescents and these risks will have far graver consequences. So please allow us to be at the top of the fort…
Pre-Prep (4 years – 5 years)

Our Helensvale Pre-prep room is our Approved Kindergarten program led by our Early Childhood Teacher.

The room is licenced for 22 children with 1 Teacher and 1 Assistant and children in this room who are then moving to Prep will be 4yrs old by June 30th.

Let’s get ready for Prep …….not really at Helensvale!! What??? What is being ready anyway? It will be so different for each child and each family. So often parents rely on markers such as knowing colours and letters as being school ready and that could not be further than the truth.

Prep teachers often tell us that if a child can look after their own belongings at school they will be eternally grateful…. But that doesn’t sound as glamorous at the end of the day does it…. “Oh...by the way your Billy put his pencil in the pencil holder today” said NO Teacher ever…..but at Play and Learn Helensvale those life skills are just as important as learning our colours.

Our kindergarten program is based on the Queensland Curriculum guidelines and a copy can be found at



We look at children holistically and our programs are play centered – (hence our name) Block play, games, puzzles, arts and crafts, dress ups, dancing, stories and singing are just a few things your child will enjoy.

Fun environments ensure that children learn best. When children are pressured to rote learn, recite and spend long periods of being directed and lectured by adults learning actually becomes far more difficult. When it happens naturally driven by children interests it has greater meaning and therefore retained more easily.

Getting ready for prep is:

  • Using language to communicate ideas and feelings.
  • Co-operating with peers without hitting /pushing and biting.
  • Adjust to separating from their primary caregiver
  • Working independently
  • Expressing ideas and thoughts though the arts
  • Developing language for problem solving i.e. Words like “lets negotiate”
  • Mastering fine and gross motor skills – I cannot write if I don’t know where my body is in time and space.

Fee Schedule

(Subject to change without prior notice)

Group Name Age Daily Fee
Infants & Toddlers 6wks - 2yrs $109/day
Junior Kindy 2yrs - 3yrs $107/day
Kindy & Pre Prep 3yrs - 5yrs $107/day
A bond of $20 per family is required before your child commences at the service. This is non-refundable. The $20 covers your child’s first hat, sunglasses and USB. Once a booking has been entered fees are payable and this includes absences. The reason for this is that we staff the service according to our bookings, wages and utilities need to be paid regardless of your child being in attendance.

What you need to bring


Wide Brim Hat

Your first sun smart hat is supplied by Play and Learn

Water Bottle

To keep children hydrated throughout the day


So little feet get used to wearing shoes

Linen & Blankets

Play and Learn Helensvale will supply all linen.

Spare Clothes

For after water play or lunch time adventures

Preferred Formula

If your child can’t have the S26 we provide


That special item your child find comfort in

A Bag

To put everything into morning and afternoon

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