Our focus

At Play and Learn our child care centre’s focus is on learning through play.

Armed with the knowledge that children learn best when provided with an environment in which they can freely connect with their surroundings, we provide fun and engaging activities to challenge and entertain every child.

Welcome to Play & Learn

At Play and Learn Child Care Centres we take the value of early childhood very seriously, so providing families with information about what their child will be experiencing during their day is important to us. Parents want to be reassured that their child will be safe, happy and well cared for and that those entrusted with the care of their child are capable, knowledgeable, caring, trustworthy, honest and reliable.

Our services cater for infants from just 6 weeks old and toddlers through to children aged 5.

For more information on the services provided please refer to your preferred Play and Learn Child Care Centre on the Locations page.


Our Locations

We welcome you and your child and trust that our service will become an extension of your family. By working collaboratively, we can provide an environment with rich learning experiences and education for every individual child.

Our Philosophy

Everything we do is based around PLAY as we believe this to be a child’s natural learning platform, hence our name Play and Learn. By working collaboratively, we can provide an environment with rich learning experiences enabling us to guide children while they learn through discovery, creation, improvisation and imagination.


Get in touch with our Play and Learn team to discuss our range of child care service options and how we could be the best fit for your child today!


We are committed to the protection of children, our social responsibilities and sponsoring various charity organisations.