Child Care Services

At Play and Learn Child Care Centres we take the value of early childhood very seriously, so providing families with information about what their child will be experiencing during their day is important to us. Parents want to be reassured that their child will be safe, happy and well cared for and that those entrusted with the care of their child are capable, knowledgeable, caring, trustworthy, honest and reliable.

Our services cater for infants from just 6 weeks old and toddlers through to children aged 5.

For more information on the services provided please refer to your preferred Play and Learn Child Care Centre on the Our Centres page.


6 weeks – 18 months


Reading stories, singing, cuddling and smiling brings comfort to your baby, helping them to build relationships.
So simple yet so powerful!


18 months – 2 1/2 years


Dancing, playing, music, skipping, crawling, catching and exploring messy play throughout the day develops sensory motor skills, helping build the foundation for academic learning.

Junior Kindy

2 years – 3 years


Fine hand co-ordination, sense of direction, awareness of time and more are learned through drawing, painting, running, listening to stories and music and having FUN!


3 years – 4 years


Water play, playing ball, running our fingers through playdough and clay, and climbing, further develop our sensory skill in ways that cannot be seen nor measured or sent home.

Pre Prep

4 years – 5 years


Co-operating without hitting/pushing or biting, expressing thoughts and ideas, and communicating ideas and feelings using language in a fun environment furthers their interest to learn more!